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Online store specialized in Duotone gear. We know all the models and sizes first hand, as we use them daily! You can ask us for any detail or question, so you can choose the material that best suits you and your spot!

Duotone is a leading brand in the world of watersports, specializing in innovative equipment for kiteboarding, windsurfing, and foiling. With a passion for pushing boundaries and a commitment to excellence, Duotone offers high-performance gear that empowers athletes and enthusiasts alike to enjoy thrilling experiences on the water. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology, durability, and distinctive design, Duotone products are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring optimal performance and a dynamic riding experience. Whether you're a professional athlete or a recreational adventurer, Duotone is your trusted companion for conquering the elements and unlocking your full potential on the water.

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Chicken loop freeride kite...

The Freeride Kit comprises of the smallest chicken loop combined with a short leash. This kit is the first choice for freeriders which are not unhooking. The short chicken loop maximizes the depower range, whilst the shorter safety leash is tangle-free.

Price €79.00
Duotone Evo 2023
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Duotone Evo 2023

The perfect kite for riders who want to have it all, the Evo is amazing for: throwing big jumps, freeriding, hooked freestyle and wave riding. Packed with features and easy and intuitive to fly, it will allow you to progress in your riding with confidence.

Price €1,949.00

Duotone Wam 2023

The ultimate kitesurf board for small and medium waves.

Include - Incluye: Back Pad, Fins, Screw and Allen Key
Not include - No incluido: Front Pads

Price €1,149.00

Duotone Whip 2023


Include - Incluye: Back Pad, Fins, Screw and Allen Key
Not include - No incluido: Front Pads

Perfect for surfing small and medium waves, the Whip is the right board when you want to perform vertical maneuvers in the part closest to the foam of the wave, but also to practice your latest strapless tricks. The compact shape and parallel rails offer great handling in turns and make the board very easy to gybe.

Price €1,149.00